Biomolecules (e.g., proteins, DNA) can be modified to provide augmented structure or function. We are particularly interested in the development of chemical bioconjugation methods that can endow biological membranes with new functionalities for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine (Experimental Biology & Medicine 2016, ACS Nano 2017).

  • Oxygenation of Cartilage Tissue: We developed cell-binding myoglobin conjugates that could oxygenate mesenchymal stem cells and reduce heterogeneous matrix formation during cartilage tissue engineering (Nature Communications 2015).
  • Ultra-fast Cell Magnetization: This study was performed in collaboration with Dr Sara Carreira during her PhD at the University of Bristol. We showed that chemical cationization of magnetoferritin could be used to rapidly magnetize cells for magnetic resonance imaging (Nanoscale 2016, JoVE 2016).
  • Magnetization of DNA and Proteins: Dr Paul Brown, during his PhD at the University of Bristol, conjugated magnetic surfactants to DNA and proteins to create magnetically-susceptible biomolecules (Advanced Materials 2013).