Organoids are 3D multicellular structures that can recapitulate many of the structural and functional features of human tissues. We are particularly interested in brain organoids, derived from pluripotent stem cells, and cancer organoids, derived from patient biopsies. We are now developing technologies that can be used to engineer and interrogate organoid cultures.

  • Ultrasound Manipulation: Mario Ortega Sandoval developed ultrasound tweezers that could be used to manipulate large particles underwater. Working with Martha Lavelle, we demonstrated proof-of-concept manipulation of fixed neuroectoderm aggregates, paving the way toward a new biofabrication technology (Applied Physics Letters 2024).
  • Brain Organoid Engineering: Dr Kaja Ritzau-Reid, during her PhD at Imperial College London, used melt electrowriting to 3D print geometrically-defined scaffolds, which could control the lumenogenesis of pluripotent stem cells and their subsequent formation into brain organoids (Advanced Materials 2023).