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March 2022 – Camila Tovani secured a highly competitive Marie Sklodowska-Curie postdoctoral fellowship and will be joining the Armstrong Group in 2023 to develop a regenerative therapy for non-union bone fracture repair. Congratulations Camila – we look forward to working with you!

March 2022 – Martha Lavelle joined the Armstrong Group as a Ph.D. student – her project will be developing new biotechnologies to engineer advanced brain organoid models. Welcome Martha!

March 2022 – Dr James Armstrong received his President’s Award and Medal for Excellence in Education: Outstanding Assistant Supervisor at the Royal Albert Hall, London. He was nominated for this award in 2019 by PhD students at Imperial College London (Dr Chunching Li, Dr Valeria Nele, Dr Camille Marijon, Dr Marco Sorbona, Dr Hakon Hogset, Kaja Ritzau Reid, Renee Tonkin, Katya Pchelintseva) with the prize citation noting his record of exemplary pastoral care.

March 2022 – Dr James Armstrong gave a seminar at the University of Manchester, hosted by Prof Sue Kimber.

January 2022 – “Advances in the Fabrication of Biomaterials for Gradient Tissue Engineering,” a review that was co-authored with Dr Chunching Li, Dr Liliang Ouyang, and Prof. Molly Stevens was featured in the Best of 2021 special collection by Trends in Biotechnology.

December 2021 – Dr James Armstrong gave a seminar at Biofabrication Virtual Seminars, hosted by Dr Liliang Ouyang.

December 2021 – Dr James Armstrong gave a seminar at the Centre for Research in Biosciences (UWE), hosted by Dr Alex Greenhough.

December 2021 – Dr James Armstrong gave an invited seminar at the Department of Engineering Maths (Bristol), hosted by Dr Matteo Taffetani.

November 2021 – Dr James Armstrong began his UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship, setting up his research group at the Department of Translational Health Sciences at the University of Bristol!

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Prior to starting his Future Leaders Fellowship, Dr James Armstrong previously lectured in Advanced Tissue Engineering, a module for Masters students and final year undergraduates at Imperial College London. These lectures examined the need for complex tissue engineering and outlined different biofabrication strategies that can be employed. Much of this lecture material can be found in the following reviews:

Ouyang, Armstrong & Stevens
Assembling Living Building Blocks to Engineer Complex Tissues
Advanced Functional Materials (2020)

Li, Ouyang, Armstrong & Stevens
Advances in the Fabrication of Biomaterials for Gradient Tissue Engineering
Trends in Biotechnology (2020)

Armstrong & Stevens
Using Remote Fields for Complex Tissue Engineering
Trends in Biotechnology (2020)

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In May 2020, Dr Armstrong set up Virtual Seminars in Biomedical Science with Dr Brian Aguado (UCSD) to provide a platform for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers to share their research during the first wave of COVID-19 lockdowns. This series continued across the pandemic, co-chaired by Dr Natalie Kirkland (UCSD) and Dr Sarah Quackenbush (Duke), with 87 fantastic seminars and over 1500 registrants from across the world. We concluded in September 2021 with a keynote address from Prof. Jason Burdick.

Talks are being uploaded, where possible, to our YouTube channel – please subscribe to receive updates. In October 2021, Virtual Seminars in Biomedical Science was featured in this Nature Reviews Materials comment “community-driven online initiatives have reshaped scientific engagement.”