Student Supervision at Imperial College London

I have had the pleasure of being Assistant Supervisor to eight brilliant PhD students at Imperial College London: Dr Chunching Li, Dr Valeria Nele, Dr Camille Marijon, Dr Marco Sorbona, Hakon Hogset, Kaja Ritzau Reid, Renee Tonkin and Katya Pchelintseva. I have supervised these students in a range of projects involving tissue engineering, biomaterials, acoustics, extracellular vesicles, microparticles, organoids and zebrafish!

In 2019, after a nomination from my students, I was awarded the Imperial College London President’s Award and Medal for Excellence in Education: Outstanding Assistant Supervisor:

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I contribute taught lectures and interactive practical demos for Advanced Tissue Engineering, a module for Masters students and final year undergraduates at Imperial College London. In these lectures, I examine the need for complex tissue engineering and outline different strategies that can be employed. Much of this lecture material can be found in the following reviews:

Ouyang, Armstrong & Stevens
Assembling Living Building Blocks to Engineer Complex Tissues
Advanced Functional Materials (2020)

Li, Ouyang, Armstrong & Stevens
Advances in the Fabrication of Biomaterials for Gradient Tissue Engineering
Trends in Biotechnology (2020)

Armstrong & Stevens
Using Remote Fields for Complex Tissue Engineering
Trends in Biotechnology (2020)

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In May 2020, Dr Armstrong set up Virtual Seminars in Biomedical Science with Dr Brian Aguado (UCSD) to provide a platform for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers to share their research during the first wave of COVID-19 lockdowns.

This series continued across the pandemic, co-chaired by Dr Natalie Kirkland (UCSD) and Dr Sarah Quackenbush (Duke), with 87 fantastic seminars and over 1500 registrants from across the world. We concluded in September 2021 with a keynote address from Prof. Jason Burdick.

Talks are being uploaded, where possible, to our YouTube channel – please subscribe to receive updates. In October 2021, Virtual Seminars in Biomedical Science was featured in this Nature Reviews Materials comment “community-driven online initiatives have reshaped scientific engagement.”