Full publication history and datasets

We are committed to open science practices and we strive to provide accessible and usable datasets for original research papers – these can be found below. Please note, that this list is correct as of 20th February 2024. An up-to-date compilation of publications may be found on Google Scholar.


(34) AG Harris, V Schot, M Carrabba, D Iacobazzi, MT Ghorbel, JPK Armstrong, AW Perriman, M Caputo, G Biglino & F Bartoli-Leonard “Protocol to decellularize porcine right ventricular outflow tracts using a 3D printed flow chamber” STAR Protocols (2024). Link to paper.

(33) KI Ritzau-Reid, SJP Callens, R Xie, M Cihova, D Reumann, CL Grigsby, L Prados-Martin, R Wang, AC Moore, JPK Armstrong, JA Knoblich & MM Stevens “Microfibrous scaffolds guide stem cell lumenogenesis and brain organoid engineering” Advanced Materials (2023). Link to paper and datasets.

(32) JPK Armstrong,* E Pchelintseva, S Treumuth, C Campanella, C Meinert, TJ Klein, DW Hutmacher, BW Drinkwater & MM Stevens* “Tissue engineering cartilage with deep zone cytoarchitecture by high-resolution acoustic cell patterning” Advanced Healthcare Materials (2022). Link to paper. Raw data are available on request to rdm-enquiries@imperial.ac.uk.

(31) JPK Armstrong,* I de Lazaro,* NJ Kirkland,* W Poon* & S Sindhwani* “Community-driven online initiatives have reshaped scientific engagement” Nature Reviews Materials (2021). Link to paper.

(30) C Li, L Ouyang, JPK Armstrong* & MM Stevens* “Advances in the fabrication of biomaterials for gradient tissue engineering” Trends in Biotechnology (2021). Link to paper.

(29) JPK Armstrong,* TJ Keane, AC Roques, PS Patrick, CM Mooney, W-L Kuan, V Pisupati, ROC Oreffo, DJ Stuckey, FM Watt, SJ Forbes, RA Barker & MM Stevens* “A blueprint for translational regenerative medicine” Science Translational Medicine 12, eeaz2253 (2020). Link to paper.

(28) H Høgset, CC Horgan, MS Bergholt, JPK Armstrong, V Torraca, Q Chen, TJ Keane, L Bugeon, MJ Dallman, S Mostowy & MM Stevens* “In Vivo Biomolecular Imaging of Zebrafish Embryos using Confocal Raman Spectroscopy” Nature Communications 11, 6172 (2020). Link to paper and datasets.

(27) V Nele, JP Wojciechowski, JPK Armstrong* & MM Stevens* “Tailoring gelation mechanisms for advanced hydrogel applications” Advanced Functional Materials (2020). Link to paper.

(26) L Ouyang, JPK Armstrong, Y Lin, JP Wojciechowski, C Lee-Reeves, D Hachim, K Zhou, JA Burdick & MM Stevens “Expanding and optimizing 3D bioprinting capabilities using complementary network bioinks” Science Advances 6, eabc5529 (2020). Link to paper and datasets.

(25) JPK Armstrong* & MM Stevens* “Using remote fields for complex tissue engineering” Trends in Biotechnology 38, 254-263 (2020). Link to paper.

(24) V Nele, CE Schutt, JP Wojciechowski, W Kit-Anan, JJ Doutch, JPK Armstrong* & MM Stevens* “Ultrasound-triggered enzymatic gelation” Advanced Materials 1905914 (2020). Link to paper and datasets.

(23) H Seong, SG Higgins, J Penders, JPK Armstrong, SW Crowder, AC Moore, JE Sero, M Becce & MM Stevens “Size-tunable nanoneedle arrays for influencing stem cell morphology, gene expression and nuclear membrane curvature” ACS Nano 14, 5371-5381 (2020). Link to paper. Raw data are available on request to rdm-enquiries@imperial.ac.uk.

(22) L Ouyang, JPK Armstrong, Q Chen, Y Lin & MM Stevens “Void-free 3D bioprinting for in-situ endothelialization and microfluidic perfusion” Advanced Functional Materials 1908349 (2020). Link to paper and datasets.

(21) L Ouyang, JPK Armstrong, M Salmeron-Sanchez & MM Stevens “Assembling living building blocks to engineer complex tissues” Advanced Functional Materials 1909009 (2020). Link to paper.           

(20) C Li, L Ouyang, IJ Pence, AC Moore, Y Lin, CW Winter, JPK Armstrong* & MM Stevens* “Buoyancy-driven gradients for biomaterial fabrication and tissue engineering” Advanced Materials 1900291 (2019). Link to paper and datasets.

(19) S Gopal, C Chiappini, JPK Armstrong, Q Chen, A Serio, C-C Hsu, S Rothery & MM Stevens “Immunogold FIB-SEM: combining volumetric ultrastructure visualization with 3D biomolecular analysis to dissect cell-environment interactions” Advanced Materials 1900488 (2019). Link to paper. Raw data are available on request to rdm-enquiries@imperial.ac.uk.

(18) C Watts, SM Hanham, JPK Armstrong, MM Ahmed, MM Stevens & N Klein “Microwave dielectric sensing of free-flowing, single, living cells in aqueous suspension” IEEE Journal of Electromagnetics, RF, and Microwaves in Medicine and Biology (2019). Link to paper.

(17) JPK Armstrong & MM Stevens “Emerging technologies for tissue engineering: from gene editing to personalized medicine” Tissue Engineering Part A 25, 9-10 (2019). Link to paper.

(16) JPK Armstrong, SA Maynard, IJ Pence, AC Franklin, BW Drinkwater & MM Stevens “Spatiotemporal quantification of acoustic cell patterning using Voronoï tessellation” Lab on a Chip 19, 562-573 (2019). Link to paper. Raw data are available on request to rdm-enquiries@imperial.ac.uk.

(15) JPK Armstrong, JL Puetzer, A Serio, AG Guex, M Kapnisi, A Breant, Y Zong, V Assal, SC Skaalure, O King, T Murty, C Meinert, AC Franklin, PG Bassindale, M Nichols, CM Terracciano, DW Hutmacher, BW Drinkwater, TJ Klein, AW Perriman & MM Stevens “Engineering anisotropic muscle tissue using ultrasound acoustic cell patterning” Advanced Materials 1802649 (2018). Link to paper and datasets.

(14) JPK Armstrong & MM Stevens “Strategic design of extracellular vesicle drug delivery systems” Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 130, 12-16 (2018). Link to paper.

(13) C Li, JPK Armstrong, IJ Pence, W Kit-Anan, JL Puetzer, S Correia Carreira, AC Moore & MM Stevens “Glycosylated superparamagnetic nanoparticle gradients for osteochondral tissue engineering” Biomaterials 176, 24-33 (2018). Link to paper. Raw data are available on request to rdm-enquiries@imperial.ac.uk.

(12) JPK Armstrong, MN Holme & MM Stevens “Re-engineering extracellular vesicles as smart nanoscale therapeutics” ACS Nano 11, 69-83 (2017). Link to paper.

(11) AD Graham, SN Olof, M Burke, JPK Armstrong, EA Mikhailova, JG Nicholson, SJ Box, FG Szele, AW Perriman & H Bayley “High-resolution patterned cellular constructs by droplet-based 3D printing” Scientific Reports 7004 (2017). Link to paper.

(10) M Burke, JPK Armstrong, A Goodwin, RC Deller, BM Carter, RL Harniman, A Ginwalla, V Ting, SA Davis & AW Perriman “Membrane binding proteins increase scaffold adhesion and oxygenation” Macromolecular Bioscience 17, 1600523 (2017). Link to paper.

(9) JPK Armstrong, M Burke, BM Carter, SA Davis & AW Perriman “3D bioprinting using a templated porous bioink” Advanced Healthcare Materials 5, 1724-1730 (2016). Link to paper.

(8) JPK Armstrong & AW Perriman “Strategies for cell membrane functionalisation” Experimental Biology and Medicine 241, 1098-1106 (2016). Link to paper.

(7) TAG Risbridger, D Watkins, JPK Armstrong, AW Perriman, JLR Anderson & DJ Fermin “Effect of bioconjugation on the reduction potential of heme proteins” Biomacromolecules 17, 3485-3492 (2016). Link to paper.

(6) S Correia Carreira, JPK Armstrong, M Okuda, AM Seddon, AW Perriman & W Schwarzacher “Synthesis of cationized magnetoferritin for ultra-fast magnetization of cells” Journal of Visualized Experiments 118,e54785 (2016). Link to paper and video.

(5) S Correia Carreira, JPK Armstrong, AM Seddon, AW Perriman, R Hartley-Davies & W Schwarzacher “Ultra-fast stem cell labelling using cationised magnetoferritin” Nanoscale 8, 7474-7483 (2016). Link to paper.

(4) JPK Armstrong, R Shakur, JP Horne, SC Dickinson, CT Armstrong, K Lau, J Kadiwala, R Lowe, A Seddon, S Mann, JLR Anderson, AW Perriman & AP Hollander “Artificial membrane binding proteins stimulate oxygenation of stem cells during engineering of large cartilage tissue” Nature Communications 6, 7405 (2015). Link to paper.

(3) JPK Armstrong, SN Olof, MD Jakimowicz, AP Hollander, S Mann, SA Davis, MJ Miles, AJ Patil & AW Perriman “Cell paintballing using optically targeted coacervate microdroplets” Chemical Science 6, 6106-6111 (2015). Link to paper.

(2) P Brown, AM Khan, JPK Armstrong, AW Perriman, CP Butts & J Eastoe “Magnetizing DNA and proteins using responsive surfactants” Advanced Materials 24, 6244-6247 (2012). Link to paper.

(1) RM Guijt, JP Armstrong, E Candish, V Lefleur, W Percey, S Shabala & MC Breadmore “Microfluidic chips for capillary electrophoresis with integrated electrodes for capacitively coupled conductivity detection based on printed circuit board technology” Sensors and Actuators B 159, 307-313 (2011). Link to paper.


(3) V Nele, JP Armstrong, MM Stevens, CE Schutt, MD Gray & C Coussios “Ultrasound-triggered liposome payload release” WO2021/019253 (2021). Link to patent.

(2) AW Perriman, JPK Armstrong, M Burke & BM Carter “Improvements in 3D Printing” WO2017187114 A1 (2017). Link to patent.

(1) H Bayley, AD Graham, SN Olof, M Burke, JPK Armstrong, AW Perriman, J Nicholson & F Szele “3D printing of a cellularized scaffold” WO2017149296 A1 (2017). Link to patent.

Book Chapters

(1) B De Lacy Costello, I Jahan & J Armstrong, “Voronoi diagrams formed in precipitating chemical reactions” Precipitation Patterns in Reaction-Diffusion Systems Research Signpost: Kerala, 187-206 (2012).