Recruiting Postdoc #2

1 x Postdoctoral Research Associate

I am seeking a Research Associate to start in 2022, with the opportunity for long-term funding (up to 4 years). This role is part of a well-funded, collaborative, and interdisciplinary research programme seeking to leverage innovations in bioengineering to advance the state-of-the-art in stem-cell-derived organoid modelling. The research associate will be a key member of a vibrant and inclusive new research group with a diversity of expertise across disciplines, such as ultrasonic manipulation, biomaterial engineering, pluripotent stem cell culture, organoid culture, tissue engineering, bioimaging, and neuroscience.

I am looking for one research associate with expertise in either:

  • Ultrasound (preferred)
  • Other engineering expertise (e.g., biomaterials)

The research associate will join a team based in dedicated laboratory space at the Dorothy Hodgkin Building, close to the centre of Bristol. This will provide on-site access to a suite of relevant facilities, while the research associate will also benefit from funded access to state-of-the-art core facilities and established inter-faculty collaborations (e.g., with ultrasonics collaborators in the Department of Mechanical Engineering). The research associate will also benefit from established collaborations with internationally leading academic research groups across the world, and will work with UK-based industry partners and the Research Enterprise and Development team at the University of Bristol to translate key technology innovations.

I am fully committed to the scientific training, pastoral mentorship, and career development of my research team and will work closely with the research associate to develop their technical skillset (e.g., data analysis, scientific communication, manuscript and grant writing) and broaden their portfolio through fully-funded opportunities for scientific training, career development, knowledge exchange, and international travel. The research associate will be expected to engage in the supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate students, and make a positive contribution to the research environment (through equality, diversity, inclusion). An approximate breakdown of the responsibilities:

Research Responsibilities

  • Design, model, build, and apply new technologies for brain organoid engineering.
  • Employ state-of-the-art characterization tools (e.g. for cell, organoid, material, device analysis).
  • Analyze, interpret, and troubleshoot datasets.
  • Establish robust operating protocols for design, characterization, and analysis.
  • Aid other members of the research group in their research, where appropriate.
  • Maintain accurate and complete records of experiments, including data archives.
  • Conceive and implement new project ideas and research directions.
  • Conduct research with full compliance with the departmental health and safety rules.

Administration Responsibilities

  • Aid research group and technicians in managing the laboratory space and facilities.
  • Contribute positively to equality, diversity, and inclusion within the research group.
  • Contribute positively to mental health and wellbeing within the research group.
  • Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of relevant fields of study.
  • Attend, present, and contribute to internal progress meetings and group meetings.
  • Attend, present, and contribute to relevant seminars, workshops, and conferences.
  • Disseminate research output (e.g., reports, papers, patents, chapters, books, posters, talks).
  • Aid in the validation of group datasets for publication, where appropriate.
  • Undertake relevant scientific training events and career development courses.
  • Contribute to relevant outreach and public engagement programmes.
  • Develop and maintain collaborative links with academic and industry partners.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Teaching and supporting junior scientists in the laboratory.
  • Co-supervision of BSc and MSc student projects.


You can access the advert on the University of Bristol website (the deadline for applying is 25th October).

Please do not hesitate to contact for more details!